Nicole Miller

“Through my journey thus far as a yoga teacher, counsellor, transpersonal integrative psychotherapist and movement facilitator, my life experiences have initiated many transformations of learning, unlearning, relearning and remembering. While my multidisciplinary background plays a large part in the way I work, it does not compare to my lifelong practice of simply being present and allowing whatever is happening to evolve naturally.”

Nicole’s professional journey began at a young age, accepted on intensive trainings with The Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School, and Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, where she received a 3 year dance diploma. Nicole went on to perform in the U.S., alongside teaching dance to all ages and abilities.

Wishing to extend the benefits of movement to a diverse audience, Nicole expanded her training to work as a personal trainer, before transitioning to yoga through the Sivananda school, in India. Her yoga practice has been influenced by Vinyasa yoga, Sarah Powers’ ‘Insight Yoga’, Scaravelli yoga, Vipassana meditation, Body Mind Centring and Feldenkrais techniques.

Yoga was the catalyst towards therapy, initiating Nicole’s training at The Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy Education. Along this five year journey, Nicole was led full circle, back to dance, however, in its primal and healing form. Inspired by 5 Rhythms, Open Floor practises, Eugene Gendlin’s ‘Focusing’ and Linda Hartley’s ‘Authentic Movement’, Nicole facilitates movement exploration, not only in her one to one work as a therapist and yoga instructor, but also in focused classes and workshops, whereby one’s body guides movement wishing to be expressed.

Nicole’s website is She teaches at The Light Centre Moorgate on Friday’s at 12:30-1:15pm.