Emma Down

I have been immersed in the health and wellbeing industry for as long as i can remember with a family who were among the first private health club pioneers in the UK.

My “seeking” nature has taken me through the mechanics of the body, an exploration of mind control practices towards spiritual release. I was involved with the Central YMCA Charity (a leading UK health, education and wellbeing charity) for over 11yrs co-ordinating projects for Older Adults and Mental Health populations before co – ordinating the STOTT Pilates Certified Training Centre alongside running a successful 121 pilates business and teaching at many of the Capitals bespoke pilates & yoga studios.

In 2015 i set up a dedicated mind-body centre YMCA One KX in the heart of Kings Cross and have more recently established soulcity.london – a mind/ body/ spirit collective dedicated to raising awareness & offering practical, proven and progressive techniques for elevating the experience of everyday living and upholding the integrity of Masters Work.

I teach the technology of Kundalini Yoga & continue to be encouraged by the community it inspires, the depths of the technology & experience it provokes…

07900 426 947

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Pilates/ kundalini yoga = £75 per hr