Ahmed Zambarakji

Vinyasa, Power, Rocket

Wednesdays 6.15pm Yoga All Levels


Private 1-to-1 Prices
£100 for 75mins
Discount for packs of 6

12 years ago, Ahmed turned to yoga, energy work, Traditional Chinese Medicine and shamanic healing in an effort to heal persistent issues with his own body. A Health & Wellbeing writer for titles including GQ, Men’s Health, Vogue and Mr Porter, he eventually retrained as a bodyworker and yoga teacher.

Ahmed has over 600 hours of training and teaches a physically demanding class that balances strength with softness. His Ashtanga-inspired sequence builds internal heat, strength and cardiovascular stamina but, most of all, it creates a sense of euphoria and freedom. Students can choose to receive hands-on adjustments in order to refine their alignment and deepen their connection to the practise.