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Do you feel pain or discomfort?
Do you feel your posture is out of alignment?
Are you training for an event or keen to improve your fitness without injury?

Areas of Expertise

  • Pain and Corrective Postural Alignment Specialist

Welcome to The Body Balance Clinic
Tracy is a healthcare professional dedicated to lifelong learning, specialising in postural alignment & pain with over 20+ years experience (city gym), 7 seasons at QPR gaining injury & rehab experience with first team elite athletes, and Olympics (2012) amongst other sports. Tracy is accomplished in all aspects of osteopathy & rehabilitation and practices full time in Moorgate & at her clinic in Broadgate.

Areas of Interest

  • Acute, Chronic Pain associated conditions e.g. Back pain-Sciatica, Neck pain-Headaches
  • Head trauma, concussion and effects on digestive health, headaches & sleep
  • Postural alignment and associated pain issues
  • Sports, non sports injuries & rehabilitation
  • Mums and Babies (post grad. training see leaflet)

Why Align7 Corrective Postural Alignment Program?
Align7 is a transformational package focusing on your postural alignment & incorrect movement patterns, often the cause or maintaining factor in pain and painful movement. Align7 aims to correct and improve; spinal mobility & alignment, elongate & increase flexibility, strengthens body & core promoting optimal posture and movement at work or during activities.

Align7 is a bespoke multidiscipline treatment plan that is created based on your clinical evaluation, and assessment of movement and gait. It combines osteopathic treatment, myofascial integration, 1:1 Pilates exercise (Rehab, Performance), postural re education with daily self-care exercises (7 minutes) to prevent reoccurring pain and maintain postural correction for long-term body health and fitness.

Align7 is designed for those with acute or chronic pain (e.g. shoulder, neck, back, sciatica), have a specific issue (e.g. scoliosis) or want to improve performance without injury (classes, gym, sports, events).

£90 osteopathy first appointment
£90 Align7 postural program (initial consultation & analysis)

Special Offer
Free Myovision Spinal Scan worth £75 with your osteopathy booking. Non invasive, safe and effective.
Myovision Scan – Surface EMG measures the electrical impulses generated when a muscle contracts. It functions in the same manner as an ECG for your heart but is even more sensitive. It provides an objective means of quantifying an important measure of spinal health. See website or book a Discovery call for further details.
Valid from 01 Jul 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

W: – for online bookings
T: 07930 100 881 (text)
Tuesdays 8:00am-2:00pm
AD HOC contact Tracy directly for your preferred day / time

Testimonial – Recent email

Tracy, I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  When I think back you have been with me through some many stages of my life (it must be 10 years now since I first came to you!) your skill of understanding the body and how it responds is first class … you really are a miracle worker … everyone should have a Tracy in their life!. I am very grateful to have found you, keep up the good work x’