Rachael Hudson

DoChange Hypnotherapy & RAH Coaching

NLP Coaching and Changework; Hypnotherapy; Mindset & Confidence Coaching; Stress Management; Certified Hypnotension™ Practitioner, and (Therapeutic Massage – secondary practice)

Mondays 2.15pm – 8.15pm
07768 446 867

Areas of Speciality

  • Trauma Recovery & Difficult Past Resolution and building resilience
  • Change Negative Thinking and Depressive Living
  • Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Panic
  • Confidence; Mindset & Harness Your Potential Coaching
  • Relationship and Break Up Coach
  • Conquering Fears and Phobias

120 min session – £180
90 min session – £150
60 min session – £100
Therapeutic Massage
30 minutes – £40
60 minutes – £80
90 minutes – £110
Special offer: Free Initial telephone consultation
Multi-session cost effective packages available

Rachael is a fully qualified and experienced NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner Coach; Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotension Practitioner; Mindfulness Meditation teacher; and stress management specialist. She has been working in the personal change, stress management, positive psychology field for 18 years and she helps people transform their lives.

Whether it’s mindset coaching; resilience building; confidence coaching; trauma recovery; overcoming stress and anxiety issues; changing negative or depressive thinking; break up or relationship coaching; making introversion work in an extroverted world; or helping people find their voice, discover and harness their potential – she’s able to help.

Rachael draws tools from her many disciplines, integrating them to create unique, and specifically targeted, life-enhancing and transformational experiences for each of her clients: changing sometimes life long patterns of unhelpful/negative or limiting ways of thinking, feeling and believing about themselves within a matter of a few hours.

Working with Rachael creates generative change for the client who often sees positive and enriching shift across all aspects of their lives, not just the area for which they originally sought hypnotherapy/coaching.

Rachael does not do the change for, nor to, the client. She works intently with you to help you empower yourself so that the change is so deeply embedded within you that you are out there actually living your enriched life to the best of your ability and not sat in a consulting room talking about living your life!

What clients say about Rachael:

NLP Coaching & Hypnosis to overcome General Anxiety and Panic Attacks

‘At the age of 44, having previously unsuccessfully sought to address some long-standing confidence and anxiety issues with a life-coach, CBT therapist and hypnotherapist, I saw Rachael as my final attempt to resolve the issues that were having an increasingly detrimental impact on my social and professional lives.

It is no exaggeration to say that Rachael has, through her empathy, patience and above all her tremendous skills as a therapist, materially changed my life for the better. I approach each day a happier and more confident person thanks to Rachael and would not hesitate to recommend her.’
Mr B, Professional

NLP Coaching for high levels of unmanageable stress

‘If you are a person who needs help with a problem which you feel is holding you back in your life, depressing you, perplexing you, or making you ill at ease with your life and the people in it and which you know is not merely a frivolous matter, then I would encourage you to consult Rachael. She will tell you after an initial meeting whether she can help you or not. You need to know that she will expect you to help yourself as well as knowing she will help you to move forward to the best of her ability. I am very grateful to her for her help and I would go back to her again if I needed to.’
Sarah S, London

NLP Coaching to Stop Negative Thinking

‘Rachael showed me how to overcome the negative pattern of thinking that had permeated my consciousness and as a result, I feel as though she’s given me all the tools I need to lead a much better life. I am incredibly grateful for her help.’
MJ, Lawyer, London,