NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed and practice on specific days. Please contact them directly for appointments or enquiries using the numbers below.

Michael Kaufmann (Thursdays) Tel: 07801 284 073
Rachael Hudson (Mondays) Tel: 07768 446 867

How NLP works
Since its beginnings in the early 1970’s, the creators of NLP have done extensive research into how people have naturally overcome their problems. In addition, they studied the world’s best therapists at the time, including Milton Erickson, the “father of modern Hypnotherapy”. Combining their findings, a body of powerful and fast working techniques was developed, a body that continues to grow with ongoing research.

NLP is a practical application of psychology. It incorporates a deep understanding of how people unconsciously contribute to both the creation and the solution of their problems.
During a session, you will sit comfortably and after an initial consultation, Michael will guide you through the appropriate techniques (Anchoring, Time Line Techniques, Sub-modalities, Core Transformation, Hypnosis, Parts Integration, Goal Setting, Re-imprinting, Reframing, Quantum Linguistics to name a few). These techniques have already helped thousands to feel better and to get what they desire from life. NLP is a winning formula for overcoming unwanted habits, loosing weight, stop smoking and more.

The Benefits

NLP can help you to:

  • release negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, sadness, hurt.
  • find emotional balance and a fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.
  • release limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve…”
  • address the mental-emotional side of any health problem.
  • overcome unwanted habits such as smoking, nail biting, over-eating.
  • overcome allergies in a fast and effective way.
  • overcome phobias and fear of flying.
  • improve performance and access optimum states.

All therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and not employed by the Light Centre. All therapists have suitable qualifications and hold their own insurance. Customers are contracting directly with their therapist and any issues or claims need to be taken up directly with the therapist concerned. Please book with them directly.