Kinesiology is the study of muscle movement, when combining that with Chinese medicine you get a wonderful complementary therapy that treats the root cause of “dis” ease in the body. The body runs efficiently in three plains; Mental, Emotional and Physical. If you like to think of these three running harmoniously in a triangle, when one side is out of alignment the other two sides have to compensate to keep the equilibrium and that is where you find the symptoms. So if you have an emotional upset you may have a physical symptom, for instance; you can get sick with worry, anxiety can cause sweating and a trembling.

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to find out where these imbalances have occurred and what it needs to correct them in a non-invasive manner. The most common and effective treatments are food intolerances and allergies.  Consider it a translator for what your body is trying to tell you through your symptoms.

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