Hire a Therapy Room

Are you an Osteopath or a Physiotherapist, or an associate therapist such as a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Therapeutic Masseur, Reflexologist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Nutritionist or any other complementary practitioner?

Would you like to access one of the best therapy markets in the country?

Would you like to work amongst peers in one of the best therapy-led practices in London?

And all at an affordable cost?

If so, then you should be practicing at the Light Centre’s Moorgate location.

We have eight attractive, comfortable and ample-sized therapy rooms, equipped with modern electric couches and consultation tables. They all have natural light, dimmable lighting and music players so you can create the right mood for your practice. We also supply couch rolls, towels and bolsters.

To help you work efficiently we have a reception service to greet your customers and a comfortable waiting area with free drinks while they wait. We can also take payment for you, including debit and credit cards, all of which are returned to you in your own indivdual wallet after each session.

The Light Centre provides a bountiful environment for therapists to be exposed to new customers. As well as the hundreds of people a day who will come to our classes and Crussh cafe, there are also hundreds of customers a week coming to fitness sessions, to our health screening services and to our courses and workshops. With the opportunity to place promotional materials in front of these people and also to gain cross-referrals from other practitioners, there couldn’t be a more vibrant environment for offering your services.

To help you promote yourself you will also be able to create your own page on our website and you will be included in our regular promotions to the largest local companies and their employees.

We offer two six-hour slots per day in each therapy room, the first from 8am to 2pm and the second from 2.15pm to 8.15pm. Six-hour sessions start at £73 (around £12 per hour).

When you take a slot, the session becomes yours every week until you decide to cancel the contract, for which there is a three month notice period. Once you have secured at least one regular weekly slot, you are then able to book additional ad hoc hours from other therapists at £15 per hour.

Monday slots come slightly cheaper, as there are usually three or four bank holidays falling on Mondays each year.

If you would like to view our treatment rooms and/or discuss terms then please visit our Therapy Room Hire page here.