Rachael Hudson

DoChange Hypnotherapy & RAH Coaching

Hypnotherapy; NLP Coaching and Changework; Mindset & Confidence Coaching;  Stress Management; Certified Hypnotension™Practitioner; and (Therapeutic Massage – secondary practice)

Mondays  2.15pm – 8.15pm
07768 446 867

Areas of Speciality:

  • Trauma Recovery & Difficult Past Resolution & Resilience building
  • Change Negative Thinking and Depressive Living
  • Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Panic
  • Confidence; Mindset & Harness Your Potential Coaching
  • Relationship and Break Up Coach
  • Conquering Fears and Phobias

120 min session – £180
90 min session – £150
60 min session – £100
Therapeutic Massage:
30 min session – £40
60 min sessions – £80
90 min session – £110
Special offers: Free Initial telephone consultation Multi-session cost effective packages available

Rachael is a fully qualified and experienced Clinical and 5 Path Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Coach; Mindfulness Meditation teacher; Stress Management specialist and a certified Hypnotension™ coach.  She has been working in the stress management, positive psychology and changework field for 18 years and she helps people transform their lives.

Whether it’s mindset coaching; resilience building; confidence coaching; trauma recovery; overcoming stress and anxiety issues; changing negative or depressive thinking; break up or relationship coaching; making introversion work in an extroverted world; or helping people find their voice, discover and harness their potential – she’s able to help.

Rachael draws tools from her many disciplines, integrating them to create unique, and specifically targeted, life-enhancing and transformational experiences for each of her clients: changing sometimes life long patterns of unhelpful/negative or limiting ways of thinking, feeling and believing about themselves within a matter of a few hours.Working with Rachael creates generative change for the client who often sees positive and enriching shift across all aspects of their lives, not just the area for which they originally sought hypnotherapy/coaching.

Rachael does not do the change for , nor to, the client.  She works intently with you to help you empower yourself so that the change is so deeply embedded within you that you are out there actually living your enriched life to the best of your ability and not sat in a consulting room talking about living your life!

What clients say about Rachael:

‘I had an enlightening experience working with Rachael over five sessions. The context was that I was a year into a high-pressure job, fresh from university, and was struggling to cope with the new learnings and stresses. The job was exacerbating old issues I had with self-confidence and self-esteem.

Rachael really got to the crux of the issues fast. She used a combination of talking therapy and hypnotherapy to reason with me and offer concrete solutions. I came away able to recognise limiting and irrational beliefs and thoughts, and with a sense of how to tackle them. I had never done hypnotherapy before, but I do believe that it helps to tackle issues at a deeper level and will set off a train of change. I have already seen differences in my life and am confident that benefits from the sessions will continue to manifest for years to come.

Rachael herself is incredibly kind, present and invested in helping. She digs deep into issues in a caring way and makes you feel that you are tackling your issues as a team. That incredible feeling of support made a huge difference.’
Ms T, Consultant, London

‘Rachael has had a profound effect on nearly all facets of my life.  With her help, I have managed to break and change some damaging conceptions that I had held about myself.  The changes I have been able to effect have enabled me to open myself to the power and abundance of myself and the universe around me – a position I was unable to see at the time of our initial meeting.  Consequently, not only have I benefitted professionally, but my personal relationships have also seen a significant improvement.  Rachael’s techniques can be simple or complex, but they never fail to provide a valuable message and you are always empowered to find out changes for yourself which is categorically the most powerful change available to us’.
Malcolm C, City Worker