Holistic Health Screening

alex viewing dashboardOur General Health Practitioners offer a holistic health screening service, one that not only looks at signs of disease like conventional health checks do, but also the important precursors to ill health such as posture, physical tensions, digestion, nutritional status and emotional wellbeing.

Our Holistic Health Screening service costs just £90 to collect your data and create your own dashboard page, so you can view your results. There is then an optional follow-up consultation to go through the results with your GHP. (this service would cost a minimum of £300 if done elsewhere).

The screening has over 100 health markers including:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Blood cholesterol and HDL levels
  • Fasting blood glucose
  • Lung function and capacity
  • Body mass index and percentage body fat
  • Nutritional deficiency indicators
  • Postural photo assessment
  • Symmetry and flexibility testing
  • Reactions, balance and strength testing
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing assessment
  • Mental abilities and wellbeing

As part of the screening cost you will get your own online health record on our sister website www.lightprogramme.com, where you can look at your current and past health, 365 days a year.

GHP in action 2The service also includes an hour-long, post-screening consultation with your GHP to talk about your results and put together your own personal plan, one that can then lead you to better levels of health and wellbeing.

Because the Light Centre already has the largest range of health-creation classes, courses and therapies in London, your GHP is also best-placed to help your find the right therapists, teachers and sources of information for your needs and they will also be able to enrol you on programmes that will be most effective in helping you meet your goals, e.g.:

•    Postural correction
•    Overcoming aches and pains
•    Dealing with digestive problems
•    Nutritious food programmes
•    Coping with mental stresses
•    Permanent weight loss
•    Natural ideas for looking and feeling good

Whilst the GHP service comes free with the Holistic Health Screening service you can also consult a GHP outside of the programme for just £45 for 45 minutes.

We firmly believe that having objective information about your health will make a significant difference to your life. To book an appointment for our holistic health screening see our GHP’s here.