Neil Woolf

Counselling /Psychotherapy/Personal Development

T: 07980 404 867


  • Increase ability to handle stressful situations
  • Enhance focus, concentration and memory
  • Promote mental clarity and emotional balance
  • Establish a positive and open approach towards life

Counselling: £80 / 60 min

Stress, anxiety, depression and beyond… Becoming more present and available in one’s life.

In these sessions, the person is free to review/discuss any key situations, internal or external conflicts or the combination of both, that are pressing.

During these meetings, the therapist is always listening, energetically supporting, questioning or suggesting what is needed to be focussed on. In further sessions the therapist will be inviting the person to touch inwardly, open, explore and go beyond one’s, familiar, conditioned reactions.

In this process, fixed points of perception, emotion and attitude begin to shift in the face of reality and one’s gradual willingness to bring awareness to the conflict between how we want it to be and how it actually is. Inevitably this leads to an opening & meeting with what one is holding, layer by layer, until the person comes to a point of insight, resolution and a natural letting go.

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