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Our Light Centre Partner:
Feet By Pody’s foot specialists provide a wide range of chiropody and podiatry services at The Light Centre in London EC2.

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Our friendly, experienced team of chiropodists and podiatrists work here on a self-employed basis, each practising on specific days. We offer professional treatments for a range of foot and nail problems, from routine chiropody and podiatry to more specialised treatments such as fungal nail treatment, toenail removal surgery, verruca treatments, and diabetic foot assessments.

Here’s an overview of some of our most common foot care services.


Chiropody is the practice of general foot care. We examine your feet and lower limbs, paying particular attention to their skin, nails and alignment. We’ll give you a vascular assessment using Doppler to check your blood flow and see if you suffer from poor circulation.

During a chiropody treatment we gently file away any corns or hard skin, and trim and file your nails. If you require a specialist treatment, we can usually begin this immediately, with your consent, and we’ll arrange for any necessary follow-up appointments.


In addition to general foot care, podiatry involves carrying out a biomechanical assessment to check for faulty foot function, which can be caused by badly fitting shoes, physical stress, injury, or simply your genetics.

A biomechanical assessment is the study of your bones, muscles and joints (MSK) to see how they affect your posture when standing, walking and running. We use computerised gait scanning techniques to identify a range of foot and heel problems.

In addition to recommending stretching and strengthening exercises to ease your pain and improve your posture, we also prescribe and fit orthotics, special insoles for your shoes that support your feet and help improve your posture.

Toenail Removal Surgery

Ingrown or deformed toenails range from being uncomfortable to being painful and infected. We use a range of chiropody treatments to relieve your toenail problems, but sometimes the only solution is toenail removal surgery, which we carry out under local anaesthetic.

We perform two types of surgery: a partial nail avulsion, where one or both sides of the affected nail are removed, and a total nail avulsion, where we remove the entire nail. Once the nail has been removed, we treat the affected area with a chemical to prevent regrowth.

Verruca Treatment

Verrucae, or plantar warts, are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is passed on by direct human contact. It’s highly contagious and thrives in warm, damp places such as swimming pools.

While some verrucae disappear on their own, others become troublesome, multiplying, growing larger, and often becoming painful.

We provide three types of verruca treatment. Cryotherapy destroys the skin around a verruca by freezing it, and strong acid-based topical solutions can be used to provoke a response by the body’s immune system. Both these treatments can take several sessions before the verruca is eradicated.

Verruca needling is a minor surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. We use this for particularly stubborn verrucae and it generally requires a single treatment.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nail infection, or onychomycosis, is a common ailment that can affect one or more nails on both feet. The infection causes nails to thicken, become discoloured, and it can alter the quality of the nail making it brittle and easy to break. It can also become painful.

After taking a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, we can begin fungal nail treatment. For mild cases, we use topical anti-fungal agents such as sprays, oils, and creams, and sometimes recommend a course of chiropody treatment at the same time to help clear away the infected nail.

If your infection is more severe you may need a course of oral medication, which can only be prescribed by your GP. For some infections, a combination of topical and oral medication is recommended.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Diabetes can disrupt the vascular and neurological system affecting many parts of your body including your feet. This makes people with diabetes particularly susceptible to a variety of foot ailments.

One of the most problematic diabetic foot conditions is diabetic neuropathy, which can cause insensitivity making you unable to feel minor foot problems such as cuts, scrapes, blisters or sores. If left untreated, you could suffer complications such as ulceration or even amputation.

Diabetic foot assessment is recommended to regularly check the health of your feet and to prevent problems from occurring.

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