Melanie Braam

melanie photo 6x6Following a career in dance in the UK and in France, it was a natural progression to move into Pilates as both a practice and a profession.

Melanie became a certified Pilates teacher with Romana’s Pilates having trained in Paris and New York. She went on to set up her first studio in Aix-en-Provence, France, where she continued to teach, train and mentor for nine years.

Melanie enjoys the experience of working with individuals and groups. She thrives from her encounters with a variety of people with varying physical needs and is regularly inspired to hear from her clients that they are feeling stronger, more dynamic, more flexible, have developed better physical awareness and, sometimes, quite simply, are not in pain anymore.

Melanie continues to regularly train in Pilates herself. It keeps her strong and supple and feeling bright and dynamic. It has helped her recover from injuries and pregnancy and keeps her calm and focused when life gets a bit crazy!