Why is this Lecture Series Important?

By Mark Thompson, D.O., N.D., Principal, Light Centre

At the Light Centre it is our ultimate goal to help customers truly change their lifestyles and behaviours so they can experience healthier and happier lives.

Over the last ten years we’ve realised that real ‘transformations’ are actually quite rare and that the majority of people instead often progress along a ‘predictable’ path, regardless of the number of books they read, health regimes they start, or the amount of money they spend on their health.

We believe that the reason for this is because our society is becoming increasingly obsessed with understanding rather than experiencing life, with controlling emotions rather than expressing them, with being who we ‘think’ we’re supposed to be rather than who we really are.

By pre-planning how to live rather than living, many people experience increasing amounts of tension and apprehension when they think they haven’t got it right, often paralysed by doubt and constantly looking for escape valves. The more that people ‘think’ about their lives, the more tense and stifled they become and the more escape valves and self-destructive habits they engage in.

We see this as one of the core issues of our times and a rallying call for the Light Centre as a business. We are now more convinced than ever that alongside their healthcare plan, people also need an awakening of thought and thus a new approach to how they live their lives. Good lifestyle habits, healthy minds and healthy bodies then inevitably follow.

As well as being a Centre with great classes and health services, we also want it to be a haven for people to embark on journeys of awakened thinking and self-exploration, to discover their true path in life and to learn to open up and fully express themselves. As people walk through the door and enter our world we would like them to feel like they are leaving their ‘left-brained world’ behind and entering a parallel life, one where they interact with our staff and other customers to ask the big questions about their life, working with us as a whole to help them make steps towards positive life changes.

All of the individual services we offer at the Centre are capable of being pieces in a customer’s journey, but they do not describe the journey itself. Understanding and plotting a truly holistic course is the job of the Light Programme Lecture Series. Its goal is to bring clarity to the process of life transformation and provide a bridge from the normal world of disease management to the more exciting and powerful world of health creation.

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