Light Programme

The Light Programme is a Light Centre initiative to encourage more people to change from a reactive to a pro-active approach to their healthcare.

We think that a healthcare system should focus on continued self-awareness and reduction of the daily physical, mental and dietary stresses that are increasingly shown to be the root causes of nearly all chronic diseases.

GHP in action 2The Light Programme is run by the General Health Practitioners (GHPs) who act as mentors and guides for all our customers (at the Moorgate Light Centre. See our GHPs here.

They use a unique holistic health screening process to help customers establish how healthy they really are and identify areas of their holisitc health that are starting to show signs of degeneration.

The GHPs offer this service at the cheapest rate we can afford (£90), so as to allow as many people as possible to properly check on their health progress at least once per year.

Health Screening 1On the back of this comprehensive information, the GHPs can help customers to put together their own health plan so that they can continually feel better and remain healthy throughout their lives.

The GHPs will then support the customer in implementing their own health plan, guiding them towards the best classes, therapies, fitness programmes, food programmes and healthy thinking courses for their needs.

Having no vested interest in any one therapy or course a GHP can also act as a confidant to help customers decide if a treatment plan is working, and if not, what they should do next.

Seeing a Light Centre GHP, including the holistic health screening and health planning service, costs just £90. To get the process started choose your GHP here

The holistic health screening and planning service is also available as part of our Ultimate Health Package, which gives unlimited access to most of the Light Centre’s classes and many other facilties for just £85 a month.

If you work for a local company then you can also put together a small group of employees to work on a Company-based Light Programme. All members of this group will get a series of four lunchtime, on-site lectures given by our Principal, Mark Thompson D.O., introducing healthy body, healthy thinking and healthy eating themes. After the lecture-series, he will then also encourage the group to establish an in-house project to make the company a healthier place for all its employees.

To get a Company-based Light Programme together you simply need to introduce us to a senior member of your company who is in a position to endorse and support the programme. We will then need to gather together a group of at least 10 employees who are willing to sign up to our discounted Ultimate Health Package.

The person who sets up this introduction will become one of our company ambassadors, someone who we will be sure to take special care of.

If you are interested in setting up a Company-based Light Programme then contact the Principal Mark Thompson on

To get an idea of what putting together your own Light Programme might feel like, you can watch this 2-minute video: