Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Kundalini Yoga Express
Tues 1.30pm (45mins)
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I was born and grew up in London – an amazing city but sometimes difficult place to live in. I worked in the city for many years and was lucky enough to discover Kundalini yoga and healing techniques that transformed my work and home life. Now, as a teacher I am passionate about sharing real-world ‘teachings’ with everyday people, whatever their background or level of experience.

Sivaroshan is an experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Founder of The Two Doves – Energy Healing System. He has trained with some of the finest Teachers and Healers in the world and is now a Trainer of Yoga Teachers and Healers himself. His mission is clear.

We need to make the elevation of our ‘vibration’ our greatest commitment in life? Why, because doing so will impact everything you do. It will lift your nearest and dearest along with the stranger in the street. It is the single most powerful thing you can do for yourself and humanity”.