Nikki Wilkins

After suffering with chronic knee cap pain – a result of muscular misalignment throughout the body for over a decade, Nikki woke up one morning to find she could no longer get down the stairs without excruciating knee pain. She was prescribed Yoga through a physiotherapist.

Nikki began her yoga journey with intensive Bikram yoga, which taught the importance of breath and Tapas (Discipline). On exploration of many “styles” of yoga she found a strong vinyasa practise called Yogasana – through her teachers Stewart Gilchrist and Amanda Denton – with whom she became a 200 hour Yoga Alliance UK accredited yoga teacher. Yogasana is the physical practise (only a small part of Yoga), focusing on breath and alignment. Nikki teaches as authentically as possible to her teachers and is extremely humbled to be able pass on this ancient system to others.

The philosophy of Yoga off the mat and the importance of daily meditation has been immensely nourishing in Nikki’s life and she loves to share this. Nikki believes Yoga is an ongoing journey – a strong body and clearer mind are the side effect.