Fleur Mondanipoor

Fleur Mondanipoor2Pregnancy Yoga teacher

Fleur Mondanipoor has over five years of teaching experience.

She is a qualified fitness instructor with a background in dance but found her true passion when she started practising yoga seven years ago.

Training in both India and London has given Fleur the knowledge of ancient yogic philosophies that she combines with modern and relevant ideals to appeal to all students.

Fleur’s classes focus on finding the balance between strengthen and softening.  Practising with Fleur encourages calmness and  and peace of mind by flowing though gentle moving meditations.

Correct alignment is of the utmost importance in her classes as well as teaching postures that always hold integrity and stability.

Her pregnancy classes are aimed to create a safe space for women to feel open and relax.

The pregnancy classes focus on breath work, preparation for birth and relieving physically and mental tension.