Estefania Hageman

Whether you’re a beginner whose never been on the mat, or a more advanced yogi looking for adjustments in those bends and inversions, Estefania tries to make yoga available to everyone – her motto is “your class, your practice”.

Her classes and teaching style aim to cater to the needs of the practitioner – whether you’re looking for a quick workout, a meditative flow, a nice stretch, or to recover from an injury, Estefania makes sure her classes tick the boxes.

Estefania’s sessions are hands on, lively, meditative and most importantly fun! Under the guidance of Stew Gilchrist, Estefania registered as a teacher in 2014 with the Light Centre UK and regularly assists Stew Gilchrist’s classes.

Estefania never ceases to express her gratitude towards their gratuitous knowledge and continues to further her journey as a yoga teacher as well as a practicing yogi.