Dorothea Manolopoulos

Dorothea began her Yoga journey as a child, reading her mums Yoga books and becoming fascinated with the Yogic way of life. Yoga was rediscovered in her early twenties, when corporate life lead her to a Yoga studio for the first time. Dorothea has witnessed intense transformation in all areas of hers and her students lives, and is dedicated to continuous study to deepen her offering. Dorothea is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 Hours) and is embarking on a two year Level 4 course with the British Wheel of Yoga this year.

Dorothea teaches a strong meditative class incorporating a blend of styles; drawing from Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Expect lots of variations, the encouragement to build self awareness and challenge your habits, and deep relaxation to finish.

Through a focus on mindful movements, breath and meditation, Dorothea’s classes cultivate physical and mental strength, balance, flexibility and provide an inclusive space for finding an surpassing your edge.

Dorothea teaches a 45 minute class at the Light Centre Moorgate from 5:15pm.