Donna Jupp

Breakfast Club teacher

Wednesdays 7.15am

Donna attended her first yoga class many moons ago at her then local gym back in Essex and was instantly captivated. Initially looking for an exercise that she thought would balance the high impact/cardio workouts she was doing she soon realised there was soooo much more to yoga then she had ever imagined, and was amazed at how it made her feel, and what she was discovering and learning with each class she attended.

It was after an awe inspiring trip to India 4 years a go that Donna realised a strong desire to deepen her practice and a desire to help share the wonders and truly life changing benefits that yoga can bring, with others. Donna studied with the amazing and inspirational Alessandra Pecorella at the Aditya Yoga School for conscious living and qualified in June 2016, and has recently begun her advanced teacher training with Alessandra at Aditya.

Her classes will allow people that little bit of space and time out from the busyness that is life, to reconnect with themselves and the world around them, to share and experience the amazing benefits that yoga brings to our lives. We’ll have a strong and empowering class creating space and stillness in our minds and bodies, as we learn and discover the beautiful powers of yoga together…. with plenty of fun along the way!