Alicja Malcom

Alicja MalcolmVinyasa Flow Yoga class – Fridays 17:45

Alicja took her first yoga class in 1999 and has been practicing since then. She did not fall in love with Yoga from the first Asana but kept on coming back for more not knowing why. She has practiced mostly Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga . Having played volleyball and basketball in her early life she enjoyed being competitive. Yoga was not a place for a competition and it took her years to figure it out. She started teaching in February 2015 during her year long teacher training with Stewart Gilchrist and Amanda Denton which she completed in December 2015. Alicja has been teaching since then while working full time for a major homelessness charity helping socially excluded people with returning back to work.

Her classes are hard and soft flow, filled with music, adjustments and variations for students with various levels of experience. She is always grateful to Stewart, Amanda and Jennifer for teaching her real Yoga.