8th Apr – Safe Journey to Advanced Asana – CPD WEEKEND

dan peppiattAn intensive journey with Ambra Vallo and Dan Peppiatt

Date: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April 2017
Time: 10am – 5pm each day
Price: £300 for the weekend.
Early bird: £250 if booked by 31st December 2016.
Only 10 spaces available.
NOTE: If booking for 2 or more people you need to check the ‘book for someone else’ box for every extra place that’s booked.

So you have been practising yoga for some time but seem to have reached a wall with your asana?

You never seem to move on with certain poses and transitions, you injure yourself or feel disconnected from certain postures?

Maybe you aren’t sure how to progress safely towards new and more challenging poses?

This intensive immersion looks at all of these issues and works with you and your body to find a clear and safe path ahead.

Challenging poses and transitions, whatever they are for the individual, cause us to focus our awareness very intently on our body and breath. When we have this solid foundation of concentration we are much more likely to feel connected to our practice. At the same time our body needs to be ready for the postures that we are asking it to do.

We break down the weekend into topics such as:
Mental preparation:

  • healthy motivations;
  • developing focus;
  • working with fear;
  • knowing your limitations


  • alignment and tensegrity in poses;
  • understanding micro movements and tiny transitions
  • how backbends, arm and hand balances work;
  • muscle memory and proprioception;
  • the bandhas for generating stability;
  • body proportions-are all poses suitable for all people?

Physical Preparation:

  • warming up;
  • preparing the parts of the jigsaw (wrist, hand, spine, core development);
  • preparatory poses;

Pose Breakdown:

  • specific poses including crow, side crow, handstand, forearm stand, wheel.
  • progressive variations of the above poses, supreme handstands and arm balances; deeper backbends; headstand variations;

Transition Breakdown:

  • the art of transitioning; specific transitions: dropping back to and standing from backbend; transitions through hand and arm balances; handstand transitions

At the end of this intensive expect to understand your practice and connect to it in an entirely new way.

This CPD weekend is part of Dan Peppiatt’s ‘Yoga Like Water 200Hr Teacher Training‘. We will release information about the full training shortly.