3/4th Jun – Raising Energy: A Breathtaking Weekend of Mahat Prana and Qi Gong in Asana – CPD Weekend

with Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Victoria Adamson & Dan Peppiatt

Sat/Sun 3 June – 4 June
10:00  – 17:00
10am – 5pm each day
£300 for the weekend.
Early bird: £250 if booked by 15th April 2017

NOTE: If booking for 2 or more people you need to check the ‘book for someone else’ box for every extra place that’s booked.

Join us for this fascinating weekend of exploration into all things breath and energy related…

Qigong and Asana: The Movement of Energy and Intention with Mimi Kuo Deemer
When aspects of qigong’s energetic and intention-based practices are incorporated into a yoga asana practice, the flow of prana and qi can be directly affected, bringing a heightened sense of efficiency into any experience of movement. In this daylong course, we will explore how working with qigong forms and intention can support yoga asana practice as well as teaching, and develop a more refined awareness of energy-based practices.

Mahat Pranayama Level 1 & 2 with Victoria Adamson
An in depth immersion within an immersion! Mahat Pranayama explores a solid foundation of breath awareness and control. It teaches the first pillar to Pranayama by using the full capacity of the lungs through lobular breathing – the 3 sections of the lungs: abdominal/diaphragmatic, lower lung (Adham); Thoracic, middle lung (Madhyam) and the Clavicular, upper lung (Adhyam). Once this basic controlled breathing is understood and practised, one will then be able to move on to the movements of specific muscle groups to control lung function and directed energy.

Breath and No Breath with Dan Peppiatt
We will be looking at the anatomy and physiology of breath and energy. How we breathe, why we breathe and what happens when we stop!
Intentionally stopping the breath (kumbhaka) allows access to a place often described to be empty of thought.
But shoud we really stop breathing? Is it safe and what we will we discover in the stillness?

This CPD weekend is part of Dan Peppiatt’s ‘Yoga Like Water 200Hr Teacher Training’. We highly recommend booking for the whole immersion. However, if you have already completed a 200Hr teacher training diploma, you can also book some of the weekends as CPD. We have opened 10 spots per CPD weekend.

For more information about the ‘Yoga Like Water 200Hr Teacher Training’, or to request a course pack, please contact chloe@lightcentre.com or visit http://www.yogalikewater.com/londonyogateachertraining.html