Vanita Chudasama

Healing Hearts
Reiki, Access Bars, Access Facelift, over 40 Access Body Processes, Access Symphony of Possibilities

Thursdays 8am -2pm

07956 581 776

£75 for 60min
£65 for 45min for all energy work
Special offers: £30 20-30min taster sessions on any of the above therapy that is calling out to you.

Areas of Speciality

  • Stress & Depression -reduces Anxiety, feeling low all the time, mind chatter.
  • Face & Body Aging – reduces aging lines, feel more energetic and good about yourself.
  • Body aches and pains – over 40 Access body processes to choose :ie MTVSS, BBM, cellular memory
  • Autism, ADD & ADHD – reduces hyperactivity and enables you to function with ease in everyday life.
  • Increase Confidence – interviews, exams,

Some 11 years ago, when I was faced with continuous headaches which later developed into migraines, and always feeling exhausted no matter how much i slept, I decided taking pain killers and being on medicines was not the way i wanted to live the rest of my life. I researched into alternative therapy. On my journey i came across many modalities, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Mediations, Yoga, Theta Healing, NLP, Sacred Activations and Access Consciousness .

Fast forward, after 15 years of working in the fast moving corporate world of asset management, where everything is required yesterday and simply not enough hours in the day to deliver everything, the universe decided to make me redundant. I saw this as an opportunity to set myself up in the heart of the city and offer sessions to people like you who are burning themselves out and need a re- energising session or two. So here I am offering some of the modalities that assisted me in eliminating my migraines and continuously being tired and many other day to day obstacles, a single parent with two young children would face on a day to day basis.

Today i can honestly can say anything from flu to body aches and pains, depression to fear and phobias, toothache to exam nerves, i have a process in my tool bag that continuous to assist my children, family and friends. Those visits to the GP have become a rare occurrence in my household.

How does it get better than that? If this all sounds very familiar to you and your body is crying out for a taster session that why not pop by, email me or simply pick up the phone and book one of my taster sessions. At the worst you will feel like you have had a great massage at the best your whole life could change. I Look forward to meeting you.