Mike O’Connor

£45 for 45 minutes
£60 for 60 min
£85 for 90 minutes
£110 for 2 hoursMike Oconnor6X6

Mondays 14:15 – 20:15
Tuesdays 14:15 – 20:15
(from Aug 2018: +Monday 8am-8pm)
T: 07545 968 342
E: mike@myofascial-bodywork.com
W: www.myofascial-bodywork.com

–  Stress
–  Anxiety
–  Emotional issues
–  Trauma
–  Physical aches and pains

ABOUT MIKE O’CONNOR: Mike has been treating people with Reiki since 2006 and is now a Master Practitioner and teacher of Reiki. He has trained with various well-known Reiki Masters, and have a strong and powerful Reiki lineage.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system that channels universal energy into your body, in order to break down any blockages in your energy system that may be contributing to, or manifesting as, physical illnesses or emotional issues.
Reiki is an incredibly relaxing and calming treatment, and promotes the body’s ability to heal itself – this can leave you feeling calm and serene, better equipped to face the stresses of everyday life, and full of energy!

I also do longer combination Reiki sessions with other treatments that I do, including Myofascial Release, Massage and Reflexology, which are great for tackling your issues or symptoms from all angles, as well as being deeply relaxing and therapeutic.