Mike O’Connor

£45 / 45 min
£60 / 60 minMike Oconnor6X6
£85 / 90 min
£110 / 120 min

Mondays 14:15 – 20:15
Tuesdays 14:15 – 20:15
(from Aug 2018: +Monday 8am-8pm)
T: 07545 968 342
E: mike@myofascial-bodywork.com
W: www.myofascial-bodywork.com

– Reflexology
– Reiki
– Foot dysfunction
– Pregnancy/Fertility
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Stress/Anxiety
– Emotional Issues
– Relaxation

 Mike has been treating people from his various clinics across London with Reflexology since training at the Central London School of Reflexology in 2009. Of the various therapies that he practices, Reflexology remains the most relaxing, with most clients usually falling asleep during a treatment.

More recently, Mike has introduced other techniques relating to the feet, into his Reflexology sessions – such as Therapeutic Stretching from his studies in Thai Yoga Massage, and Myofascial Release techniques. This unique fusion works perfectly as each technique complements each other to provide a wonderfully relaxing yet stimulating and therapeutic, adding more to the classical approach of Reflexology, such as stretching muscles to release muscular tension, enhancing mobility of the foot/ankle joint, and releasing restrictions in fascia (connective tissue).

Mike is also a highly trained and experienced Sports Massage practitioner, so in all treatments he is looking at the structure of the feet, and how they affect you and your posture. Mike believes in physical balance, and his Reflexology techniques work the physical structures of the feet as well as the traditional Reflexology pressure points and systems.

Mike also does longer combination Reflexology sessions with other treatments that he does, including Myofascial Release, Massage and Reiki, which are great for tackling your issues or symptoms from all angles, as well as being deeply relaxing and therapeutic.