Nutritional Therapy

Nutritonal Therapists will advise you on the best dietary and lifestyle changes to address particular health issues or body states. They will help you identify the food and activity habits that promote internal sub-functioning and help you to establish better eating and lifestyle patterns.

All Nutritional Therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and practice on specific days. Please contact them directly for appointments or enquiries using the numbers below.

Anastasis Tzanis (Thursdays) Tel: 020 7628 7780
Monique Stone (Fridays) Tel: 07980 507 968
Yoko Kurokawa (Wednesdays) Tel: 07946 735 878

N.B. When seeing a Nutritional Therapist at the Light Centre you are contracting with them directly. They are thus solely responsible for your safety and wellbeing during your session and carry their own insurance.