Laurie Harvey

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Wednesdays 2:15-8:15pm
T: 07907 813466


  • Specialist Women’s Confidence Coach
  • Personal and Professional Growth

Laurie is a fully trained and experienced Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Cognitive Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping women to create more successful and fulfilling lives.

Confident Women’s Coaching has been created to help women look inside and explore what’s possible. Laurie uses her skills and experience to support and guide clients on a journey where they can confidently pursue and develop their skills and qualities to create the life they want.

Other people’s actions and opinions can influence and prevent us from feeling worthy and good enough. Laurie knows first hand how these feelings can prevent us from stepping onto the path that feels right for us. She knows how liberating it feels to let go of those limiting beliefs and how wonderful it is to develop the confidence to create and enjoy better relationships and be more in control of our lives.

Confident Women’s Coaching can reveal, gently challenge and release those unconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and restore your inherent confidence. This will give you the freedom to live more boldly, powerfully and have more fun and control of your life.


“What a joy it has been working with Laurie. Her training, knowledge, professionalism and obvious love and respect for her chosen career and her clients shines through. Her full support throughout has been immense and actively encouraged. She has proved a tower of strength through a couple of very wobbly and emotional times. I highly recommend Laurie and encourage anyone to seek her out to help enable personal growth in their lives in whatever way they need. She is a great companion to have on these travels.”