Yoko Kurokawa

Massage Therapy specifically designed for women, Facialist and Skincare, Nutritional Therapy

Massage £60 / 60 mins
Environ Facials from £65 / 60 mins
Nutritional Therapy from £60 / 60 mins
Introductory offer – 20% off for facials and massage

Wednesday 14:15 – 20:15
T: 07946 735 878
E: info@royka.co.uk
W: www.royka.co.uk


  • Holistic skin care with internal and external care
  • Environ Facials with lifestyle and nutritional advice
  • Skin restoration using vitamin A and other anti-oxidants
  • Natural anti-ageing
  • Internal skin and general health care with individual nutritional therapy


  • Damaged skin in general except keloid tissue
  • Uneven texture of post acne skin
  • Age related skin issues
  • Impaired digestion
  • Cravings

Yoko believes our skins own healing power is the most powerful anti-ageing tool. A quick and aggressive skin treatment may be a short cut, but for truly lasting results, we need to maximise the skin’s integrity. This is possible by her approach of holistic skin care both with internal (nutrition) and external (facials) supports.

Our epidermis, body and mind are united, all relating to each other. We cannot isolate just to treat one. For this, she offers nutritional therapy to tackle the root causes of the problem and Environ skin care to switch on the healing cascade of cells in the dermis. Facial consultation also comes with a general advice on diet and beauty.

She was qualified with CIDESCO in 2000 and BSc(Hons) Nutritional therapy from University of Westminster in 2006. While working as a therapist, she also gained the experience in organic food product development for 8 years.