Bev Breeze

PRICE: £45 / 30 mins, £80 / 60 min, £120 / 90 minBeth

T: 07967 005 794

– Shiatsu Bodywork
– Facial Shiatsu
– Pregnancy Shiatsu
– Musculoskeletal presentations
– Stress-related presentations

Bev is a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner and has been in private practice since 1997. She trained at the British School of Shiatsu-Do. She is a Fellow Member of Shiatsu International and is a member of the register
of CNHC.

Her work encompasses energetic techniques, as well as Japanese structural work to align the body. Bev uses Oriental Energetic Medicine as the key to make effective changes to halt imbalances and to move people back into alignment and wellness. She has been described as “psychotherapy for the body”.

In your Shiatsu, Bev may use joint release techniques, gentle structural adjustments or breath work. She may recommend exercises or techniques tailored to you to help reduce your physical or emotional stressors.

Bev has worked at Premier and International level sports and is credited with extending the career life of players. She also works with individuals in high stress careers in Europe and the City of London, who want to maintain their potential. Most people work with Bev to manage their chronic stress or chronic pain presentations. She also works with Chi Gong Masters and within film, theatre and music.