Massage Therapists

Massage therapists at the Light Centre focus on two important health outcomes, i.e. the breaking down of muscular adhesions (Rehabilitative Massage) and the slow rhythmic movement of congested fluids (Relaxation Massage).

Rehabilitative Massage Therapists typically treat ailments such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, sports injuries etc, while Relaxation Massage Therapists help build vitality and promote calmness. Most Massage Therapists at the Light Centre are able to do both types.

All Massage Therapists at the Light Centre are ancillary to our Osteopathy and Physiotherapy departments but keep their own diaries and practice on specific days. You can contact them directly using the numbers below.

Alessio Barone (Mondays) Tel: 07413 851 407
Annabelle Loras (Tuesdays/Wednesdays) Tel: 07979 905 204
Anja Woszczyna (Wednesdays) Tel: 079 4056 2813
Aristea Zougri (Tuesdays) Tel: 07873 391 200
Franziska Schmidt-Dengler (Mondays, Fridays) Tel: 03338008404
Gabrielle Stephenson (Wednesdays, Fridays) Tel: 0797 683 9461
Giedre Babrauskiene (Mondays) Tel: 07972 705 733
Graham Stones (Fridays) Tel: 07901 975 007
Irek Bialek (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays) Tel: 07841 405 746
Marvin Blake (Thursdays) Tel: 07446 893 045
Mick McCleary (Tuesdays, Fridays) Tel: 07957 050 931
Mike O’Connor (Mondays, Tuesdays) Tel: 07545 968 342
Neil Woolf (Fridays) Tel: 07980 404 867
Rachael Hudson (Mondays) Tel: 07768 446 867
Rima Shah (Thursdays) Tel: 07947 359 838
Sarah Elcome (Wednesdays, Thursdays) Tel: 07947 533 877
Toni Platon (Wednesdays) Tel: 07709 416 161
Tonoko Hoggard (Mondays) Tel: 0785 5957 349
Tracy Elroy (Tuesdays) Tel: 07930 100 881

All practitioners at the Light Centre are self-employed. When making bookings, customers are contracting with them directly and not with the Centre. As a result, practitioners manage their own diaries, so please book with them directly.