Christina Johnson

Christina Johnson COACHING

Special offer:
First appointment £40
Block booking discounts available

Special Offer
Are you considering making a change to your career, working towards a promotion or dealing with new management or leadership responsibilities? Are you wrestling with anxiety and stress at work? If so, coaching can help you. Book to see Christina at the Light Centre throughout January for a free 30 minute coaching taster session to find out how. Discounted bookings available for programmes booked on the day. Please contact if you would like to book your place.
(Offer valid for new clients)

Mondays 8am – 2pm
T:  07852 297 521


  • Personal and Professional Development Executive Coaching
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Maternity Coaching
  • 1:1 Athletic Conditioning Yoga
  • 1:1 Therapeutic Yoga Coaching

Christina focuses on beginnings and endings; those major transition points that can be difficult to navigate.  She asks the right questions to excavate the story and, through the coaching process, supports clients to make real, lasting change happen.

Using her background in the City, and coupled with extensive training, Christina brings a creative, stimulating and compassionate approach to her coaching.  Challenging and supportive she is committed to helping clients realise their full potential.  Interested in how people interact with, and within, their systems, deepening personal awareness of how they integrate their intellectual and emotional lives at work, Christina draws on her training in NLP and Gestalt, and interest in constellations and somatic coaching, to build powerful interventions to support deep change.

This process takes place within a framework bounded by confidentiality, safety and integrity, a co-created space without judgement that allows people’s experience to be explored and integrated.  Her breadth of experience means that there are a variety of methodologies at her disposal and she can develop a truly bespoke approach to your coaching.

Christina is experienced at working with people to increase self-awareness, build strengths, and address barriers to self-confidence or effective relationships.  Her goal is ultimately to help you realise deep personal satisfaction, fulfilment and to have the opportunity to be your most effective self.

– Identify and manage change
– Deal with stress and anxiety
– Identify and overcome barriers to successful performance
– Reprogramme unhelpful patterns
– Tune into your values
– Live with purpose