Hypnotherapists help you enter an altered state of awareness, one you naturally experience many times a day and also when you drift down to sleep or drift up in the morning. This state is similar to meditation except that you have an experienced therapist to guide you.

Hypnotherapists typically treat stress, addictions, compulsions and depression. They also seek to improve confidence and levels of professional performance.

All Hypnotherapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and practice on specific days. Please contact them directly for appointments or enquiries using the numbers below.

Alina Bialek (Wednesdays, Fridays) Tel: 07725 521 804
Kate Hogan (Mondays) Tel: 07590 679 311
Joanna Kudzielka (Fridays) Tel: 07739 112 364
Laurie Harvey (Wednesdays) Tel: 07907 813 466
Rachael Hudson (Mondays) Tel: 07768 446 867

Please note: When seeing a Hypnotherapist at the Light Centre you are contracting with them directly. They are thus solely responsible for your safety and well-being during your session and carry their own insurance.