Rachel Glendinning

PRICE: £80 per hour Rachel G new website

T: 07974 081 741
E: bloomwellbeing@gmail.com
W: www.bloom-wellbeing.com

– Recovery from chronic pain and injuries
– Stress and anxiety
– Increasing confidence and self esteem
– Fulfilling goals and getting more of what you want in your life today
– Learning to stop conclusions and beliefs from your past

Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method Rachel worked in advertising for eight years, yet whilst enjoying the social and creative side of her career, she began to experience stress and anxiety from the pressure and lifestyle of the business, and was drawn to complete a Reiki degree. Not long after, Rachel felt a longing to revisit the yoga she enjoyed as a child. She studied for two years alongside her day job, completing an intensive program as a vinyasa flow teacher in India and California.

Rachel spent the following five years teaching at yoga studios, leading private and corporate classes and hosting international retreats and workshops. She was the principal teacher at the Light Centre in Belgravia and was chosen as the yoga teacher for the Government’s Slow Down London campaign.

Throughout this time Rachel explored various healing methods and practices including The Grinberg Method. After just a few sessions, the method’s simplicity, power and directness engaged her so much she joined the Grinberg Method school in Switzerland and Germany, completing a four year International Diploma to become the first Qualified Grinberg Method practitioner in the UK.

Rachel has been working 1-1 with clients for seven years.” I have worked extensively with men, women and children, subjects including reducing and stopping stress and anxiety, stopping depression and moods. I have worked with musicians and actors and dancers, teaching body awareness in their chosen professions. I genuinely care about people and enjoy very much my processes with clients to reduce suffering and symptoms and the pleasure to see people with vitality and taking control of their lives again. I am very happy to meet you if you would like to try a session .”

Treatment can help with symptoms such as:
– Back, neck and knee pain
– Digestive disorders
– Skin and auto immune conditions
– Migraines
– Depression
– Lack of energy