Aliénor Kennedy

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Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
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  • Stress related back pain
  • Improving overall health and wellbeing in stressful situations
  • Developing one’s own natural confidence

Having worked for ten years in high profile government roles, Aliénor has witnessed and experienced for herself the impact stress can have on individuals. Beyond having effects on the body ranging from headaches to insomnia, stress can also have a whole range of impacts on people’s behaviour, such as deteriorating communication skills and lack of creativity or concentration. All of these effects can result in inefficiency and lack of confidence, not to mention the lack of joy they create in people’s lives.

Convinced that the human body “knows better” than to be stuck in stress and suffering, Aliénor retrained. She studied the Grinberg Method, a somatic coaching methodology, for three years and became a transformation coach six years ago. Out of her experience from having worked with hundreds of clients, she specialised in helping people who suffer from stress related back pain. She created Body Based Stress Solutions. In one-on-one sessions and training classes, she teaches her clients to reduce stress levels, transform pain and to have more energy. Her clients are enabled to look after their overall wellbeing, entertain better (work) relationships and follow their career path with their own natural confidence.