Body Based Stress Solutions

Stress is part of our lives and at times, we might enjoy it. We usually stop enjoying it when it starts to take its toll on our body, affecting our performance at work and our ability to recover in our free time. Most of us understand how stress and physical symptoms can be connected, but the knowledge alone does not necessarily give us the tools to stop stress affecting our physical and mental abilities in an unwanted way.

Body Based Stress Solutions has been developed for people working in the corporate world and struggling with the challenge of pain (typically back pain) and poor health related to or aggravated by stress at work.

Body Based Stress Solutions offers a holistic approach: a personalised description of your stress-related experience and a bespoke physical practice to learn how to stop the negative effects of stress from happening. The sessions support this learning through touch and the practice includes exercises that will enable you to go through stressful situations without having to suffer from them. Clients experience relief from aches and pains, an increased level of vitality and overall wellbeing. Considerably reducing their stress levels, they feel more in control of their life and at the same time being able to go with the flow. Getting back their mental serenity and confidence, clients find that they can be more focused, relaxed and joyful.

Body Based Stress Solutions practitioner at the Light Centre:
Rachel Glendinning (Thursdays) Tel: 07974 081 741

When seeing a practitioner at the Light Centre you are contracting with them directly. They are thus solely responsible for your safety and wellbeing during your session and carry their own insurance.