Shaila Karim

Shaila KarimBSc (Hons) DCHAc,CMIR

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  • Acupuncture
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Special Offer: Only £40 for an initial one hour 15min Acupuncture session – normally £65. Valid through to End of September 2019. 
from 1/08/2019 to 30/09/19.

As with many people I did not grow up exposed to the world of alternative and complimentary medicine. However an incredibly powerful event in my life led me on a wonderful journey to the practitioner that I am today.

My first child was born with serious and severe eczema and from the age of three weeks was under Great Ormond Street hospital. The only method of controlling his eczema was the use of strong steroid treatments with all the implications of the nasty side effects that steroids can have.

After years of suffering with this nasty skin condition and developing food intolerances, we desperately turned to alternative medicine to see if we could help his condition.

A combination of homoeopathy and Chinese medicine lead to a remarkable turnaround in my sons health and within three months he was completely free from his eczema and could tolerate most foods perfectly well.

After seeing the power of this type of medicine I decided to become a practitioner and go back to university and take a degree firstly in Homeopathy (Middlesex University) and then in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (Beijing University).After my qualifications, I embarked on specialised postgraduate study in the treatment of infertility and also in carrying out cosmetic facial acupuncture

I now enjoy treating people and seeing others get relief from many different debilitating and chronic conditions. Many of my patients appreciate my supportive approach and listening skills. Having trained in both homeopathy and acupuncture, it means that I am able to look at your health from a variety of angles and choose the treatment or combination of treatments that is most appropriate for you.

I run busy clinics in West London, North West London and in the City. Consultations are available with me Face to Face, by Telephone, by Email or Video Consultations via SKYPE.

For FREE INITIAL ADVICE and a friendly chat on how I can help you please call me on 07870 813 287