12 week Pilates Reformer Course for Backs

Pilates reformer backswith Lisa Marie Probert

Fridays 14:00-14:45
Starts 1st July 2016


The Pilates for backs course is designed for clients who suffer from back pain or injury or for those who would like to avoid possible future injuries. I will take you through the correct placement of the pelvis, spine and shoulders, strengthening around these areas specifically and releasing tense back muscles causing pain.

The class is a mixture of mat work, reformer work and stretching maximising the use of the Pilates equipment to help you remain strong and pain free. Specific back injuries are cared for as well.

These classes are booked for 12 weeks so you can be assessed and feel the progress within your own body and to save your space weekly as only 5 spaces are available. If there is a class you cannot make, you can give it to a friend, continuity is advised for the best results.