Mindfulness Courses

These Mindfulness-based stress reduction programmes are essential tools for anyone leading a busy or mentally demanding life.


Prior to booking please download, read and complete the application form to see if this course is suitable for youMINDFULNESS Intake Form


About the Course

Mindfulness will help you to live in the here-and-now, resulting in a clearer and calmer mind. It is a centuries old, research-verified mental training that can transform your life.   By learning to develop a curious, non-judgmental attitude towards your experience, you can:

•    Enhance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
•    Effectively manage anxiety, depression and related conditions
•    Improve your relationships
•    Work more productively and creatively
•    Improve concentration
•    Significantly lower your stress levels
•    Boost your immune system
•    Enjoy a more balanced life and a deeper sense of inner calm

This unique six-week course is group-based and you will be guided through a number of mindfulness exercises that you can then practice at home. You will receive course materials and guided home practices on bespoke USB devices.

This course will suit both beginners and those who already have a mindfulness practice, but would like to enhance it. There are limited places so early booking is essential.

Course requirements: Curiosity; the intention to live a more easeful life; a healthy balance of open-mindedness, patience and skepticism!

paul christelisPaul Christelis (MA Clin Psych) has worked as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, writer, group facilitator and teacher for twenty years. As a co-director of School of Moments, he is dedicated to helping people to be more present in their lives, in their relationships, work and with themselves. He’s currently completing his MSc in Mindfulness-based Applications at Bangor University, Wales.

Contact details:
mob: 07976 035588.
Paul’s website: www.schoolofmoments.com